Our Vision

To enable Edupreneurs who want to start schools that are



Engaging, Empowering, Extending beyond the classroom

Our goal for O3 School is to optimize operations and outcomes for low-cost microschools around the world through a complete enterprise solution for start-up schools.  We believe that the first step to  leveling the playing field is to ensure that every student, teacher, and school leader, regardless of their location or income level, can have access to tools to succeed and thrive.  We are building the platform required to start new schools that engage and empower students, make processes more efficient, and improve learning outcomes for students.

Our vision is fueled by our belief that all children in the world should have access to an engaging education that builds on children’s natural curiosity, helps them find their passions, and equips each child with skills, knowledge, and  dispositions for fulfillment in work and life.   

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